1. 4/28/90.


  2. therealzrreyahelese asked: What's Your Pricing?

    I do, my rates - logos 20-40

    flyers- 30-50

    art design/ concept- 40


  3. gif/ Illustratration I made of SZA.


  4. Flyer design 

    TIM WOODS TBA listening event.

    for details contact @ibonedyourmom  

    stay tuned. TBA! 


  5. if you haven’t listened yet. smh
    Bless to @trilleverything for this great work.

  6. BE.

  7. THE long awaited/anticipated project from Tim Woods TBA, will be dropping this month! My respect for this artist goes beyond the hiphop and poetry. Stay tuned! 

  8. In depth look at the covers made for @trilleverything Tramale Kemp’s production BLOW III. 

    Each cover was made under the inspiration of the tracks produced for the project. We were inspired by nature, structure, and human emotion…and of course music. To listen https://soundcloud.com/tramalekemp/sets/blow-3

  9. Gif for Air Max day. (I’m late)

  10. In the process of creating visuals for Tramale Kemp’s music production Blow 3,  we collaborated through music and art. Each visual was created through the inspiration of the music. The final piece conveys the variety of sound in the music as well as notions of elation.  Placing cut outs on a hand painted background, we intended to create a vehicle for foundation and unity. Enjoy. LISTEN:https://soundcloud.com/tramalekemp/sets/blow-3

  11. AY

  13. Series based off childhood dreams.

  14. Weekly Visual for @trilleverything production BLOW III 

    March 2014 Beattape/Cover art release event. 

  15. All Fight